• Beyond the beaten track
  • Unique Tibetan culture and local lifestyle
  • Old salt caravan route
  • Distintive landscape, old traditions, walled villages, monasteries
  • Beautiful remote sceneries

Mustang Lo Mangthang Trekking is popular trek to upper Mustang region which is isolated from Nepal and near to Tibetan culture cum lifestyle. The region is important to explore Tibetan culture after it was opened for trekking in 1991 by Nepalese government for the tourists. Mustang Lo Mangthang Trekking gives pleasant experience of beautifully unique landscape and untouched culture of high mountain people. The trek is through high altitude Himalayan desert. Most of the trail leads through the valley’s of the river passing through the world’s deepest river gorge in Kali Gandaki River. Mustang Lo Mangthang region is also important for the ancient monasteries in Nepal.

Trekking to Mustang Lo Mangthang region provides the opportunity to explore the villages in Mustang region. These villages are isolated and ancient where there are no marks of modernization. The region has a local king to rule living in Lo Mangthang palace. The region was the part of Gung hang (Tibetan Kingdom) till 1830’s. Mustang Lo Mangthang includes holy trek to Muktinath. Muktinath Temple in Muktinath is sacred place for Hindus and Buddhists followers. Kagbeni to Lo exploration gives insightful knowledge about Upper Mustang region. The region is suitable for exploration trekking because it has so many ancient elements existing in the region. Mustang region is recently developing but Lo Mangthang is still untouched and unspoiled.

Trekking in Mustang Area

Upper Mustang